How do I get Trilium and tools or other NFT game cards from mining?

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Please note: finding NFTs via mining is currently paused. Please see this article for details.

When you are in the Alien Worlds game at and you are in the Mining Hub, when it is time to claim the Trilium from your mine, the Claim button will appear. When you click Claim, you will then cause a blockchain transaction through which you earn Trilium for your mining. In addition, you may also earn an NFT game card.


The amount of Trilium your earn and the likelihood of earning an NFT game card vary based on the tools you are using and the land type where you are mining. Below is the basic calculation of how the amount of Trilium and NFTs are calculated.


Trilium - The Trilium payout from mining is determined by the % of the Planet’s mining Current Mining Pot at time of mine awarded to miner = (Sum of Trilium Mining Power percentages of the Tools NFTs) * Trilium Mining Power Multiplier of the Land NFT.


NFTs - The amount of NFTs paid out is either get 1 NFT per mine, or none. The chance of getting an NFT is determined in two stages:

Stage 1: % chance of clearing stage 1 = (sum of Luck percentages of Tools NFTs) * Luck Multiplier
of Land

Stage 2: Mine actions that clear stage 1 are run through percent probabilities to determine the Rarity of
the NFT paid out. There is also a null category with a probability attached, in which no NFT is
paid out, even if the mine attempt clears stage 1.

If you are interested in learning how Trilium and NFT allocations are calculated mathematically considering tool strength and land, read the Technical Blueprint (.PDF), which guides how the game runs. 

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