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Land is an NFT game card associated with (located on) a Planet. Land ownership is represented by ownership of the NFT game card. At Alien Worlds' inception, 3,343 land NFTs were created.

A land NFT defines modifiers which affect gameplay aspects such as:

  • Time between mining calls
  • Amount of Trilium that the land generates per mine
  • Probability that user receives an NFT per mining call

Different parcels of land may attract different values (i.e., Trilium value) based on desirability.

Planets have a finite amount of land on them at inception.

Land owners can set a commission (which is the % of Trilium mining rewards the landowner receives).

Unsold land is owned by the Federation until bought.

Mining on unsold land (i.e., still owned by the Federation) has a default commission of 20%.

  • This 20% commission is collected into The Land Fund which pays out to a user
    upon the user opening a new Land pack
  • This is to incentivise opening land packs rather than hoarding them, since land is
    required for game play

Land NFTs have attributes used in the mining game, which can be found on the official sheet of attributes linked from the Technical Blueprint.

There are 20 different types of land, each with its own attributes:

LT01 Small Island
LT02 Tree Forest
LT03 Mushroom Forest
LT04 Plains
LT05 Sandy Desert
LT06 Dunes
LT07 Rocky Desert
LT08 Icy Desert
LT09 Icy Mountains
LT10 Rocky Coastline
LT11 Sandy Coastline
LT12 Grass Coastline
LT13 Mountains
LT14 Inland River
LT15 Active Volcano
LT16 Dormant Volcano
LT17 Rocky Crater
LT18 Methane Swampland
LT19 Geothermal Springs
LT20 Grassland


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