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Some Explorers are experiencing a Bag Locked Error with one of the following error messages:

  • Bag is locked, please wait for cool down
  • Cannot change land while back is locked

If you think you may have a Bag Locked Error, you can troubleshoot it, by visiting the article:

Why does my screen say "bag is locked, please wait for cool down" or "cannot change land while bag is locked"?

Due to an increase in recent reports, the Federation is making adjustments in the Metaverse to process data more quickly, so that this error will be less likely to display in the future. The Federation is committed to fairness in the Metaverse an is working to address this issue as it could impact NFT game card distribution.

To receive updates about this issue, follow this Known Issue.

Hello Explorers, we uploaded some changes to the mining contract which will fix the bag locked error. Once the existing bags are unlocked it should not happen in the future. Happy mining!

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