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Kinderminers is a kind group of miners that was launched from the KROWN community.

Find the Kinderminers in Telegram at

Find the Kinderminers Alien Worlds Support in Telegram at

"Kinderminers is a community of AW players, including Ambassadors, Miners and Land Owners that want to see a more equitable future. They believe giving back to the community with compassion and value will create long term synergy.

Mine With KINDERMINERS and get automatically get entered to WIN in the random daily drawing for all KINDERMINERS! Mine over 3 TLM get double daily drawing entries!

One miner takes all:
100 WAX | 1 NFT

Simply mine on any of the KINDERMINERS Lands for a chance to be randomly chosen and paid daily!

All KINDERMINERS Property Owners agree to pay out 90-95% of all mined TLM on their land.

Kinderminers supports mining on Naron and Neri! "

Active KINDERMINER Lands >

Last Daily Winner >

Kind-er-Miners is supported by the following: CSX BP, EOSUSA, KROWN Community, MetaDAC, Bassmint

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