How do I cancel a Teleport and reclaim my TLM?

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How Do I Cancel a Teleport? Explorers wishing to claim their TLM from cancelled Teleports (30 days ago or more) can do so following these instruction. In order to facilitate the cancellation, you will need your Teleport ID number, which can be found on the original Teleport transaction log on Bloks. If you go into your own account and you do a search with “contract action” other.worlds, you may find the transaction.

  1. Go to the "cancel" action on the "other.worlds" contract by clicking this link: "cancel" on and then login with your Wax Cloud Wallet.
  2. You will be prompted to enter your Teleport ID number in the ID field.

  3. To find your Teleport ID number, open your account on on a new browser tab and enter your account (wax wallet).

  4. Scroll down to Transactions.

  5. In the Contract/Action Filter field, enter other.worlds in the Contract name field.

  6. Click Filter. This will list all your Teleports.

  7. Enter "Teleport" into the filter field.

  8. If necessary, browse backwards as many pages as needed to find the teleport.

  9. Find the teleport you are looking for with the date and click on the Transaction ID.

  10. After the Transaction data opens, click the Traces tab and copy the ID.

  11. Go back, paste the ID in the number field on of the "Cancel" action in the other.worlds contract and click on Submit Transaction.

  12. alternatively: use EOSX block explorer to do these steps if you are comfortable in doing so

Note: please make sure to disable any pop-up blockers in your browser. This includes disabling the "shield" function in Brave browser.

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