How To Mine Directly On The Blockchain

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Sometimes it might be helpful to know how to manually mine directly on the blockchain. Please follow the below steps to learn how to do that.


  • click on "Mine" in the mining hub, as you would normally

  • Click on “Claim” on the next screen


  • This will bring up the WAX Cloud Wallet popup

  • Click on “Show Details” to view the transaction details
  • Copy the nonce string, leaving out the quotation marks (" ")

  • Go to this link on and login with your WAX Cloud Wallet account: Contract action on

  • In the  “miner” field enter your WAX wallet name (eg. abcde.wam)

  • In the “nonce” field enter the nonce copied from the previous steps in the popup

  • Click on “Submit Transaction” to claim your mine

  • You will see a similar message when the mine was successful:

  • Reload the game website to refresh the mining timer display

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