How To Keep On Mining When You Get The Error Message "Invalid Hash" on the Claim Screen

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Some users are unable to claim their mined TLM due to an UI error. In this guide we will learn how to still claim the mined TLM, in just a few steps:

  1. In the mining hub, when ready, press the Mine button and the screen will show the "Mining is now in progress, you may go back to home screen"

  2. After a while the Mining Success pop-up appears, proceed to Claim

  3. The WAX cloud wallet pop-up should appear, click Approve

  4. This is where the spinning circle just keeps on looping. Just refresh the browser by pressing F5 or clicking the Refresh icon

  5. After logging into the game again and navigating to the "Mining Hub", the "Claim your TLM" message on the upper right portion of the screen appears, along with the Claim button at the bottom

  6. Press Claim and hit Approve on the WAX cloud wallet pop-up window

  7. Lastly, the Invalid Hash error shows. Hit X button on the error message (see image above)

  8. Now refresh the page again by pressing F5 or clicking the Refresh icon

  9. The "Next Mine Attempt" countdown timer appears at the top right and you are all set for the next mine when the tools are ready again

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