What is needed to go on an Alien Worlds Mission?

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Missions launch from the BNB Chain (BSC). Here, Explorers can lease Spacecraft for individual Missions utilising Trilium (TLM) that they have transferred into the BSC ecosystem, as a fuel fee.


The TLM used for leasing Spacecraft is staked for the duration of the Mission, and then returned to the Explorer afterwards along with any associated Mission rewards. The minimum TLM required to lease a spacecraft for a Mission is 40 TLM, with the maximum being 5,000 TLM. Explorers also need a small amount of BNB in their MetaMask wallet to cover the gas fees for the Mission contract transactions.


In order to transfer TLM from WAX onto BSC, Explorers can use the Alien Worlds Teleport function, which can be accessed from the in-game interface by bringing up the navigation sidebar and clicking on the “Teleport” button. The Teleport site can also be accessed directly here: https://teleport.alienworlds.io/




The first thing to do is connect to the wallet associated with your Alien Worlds game account (WAX or Anchor wallet), then connect to your MetaMask wallet. When connecting to MetaMask a prompt will appear asking which chain to connect to; pick BSC which is the image on the right-hand-side:




Once both your game wallet and MetaMask are connected, the liquid TLM balances for both will be shown. To transfer TLM from your game wallet to MetaMask for Missions, simply click the “Transfer” button under your game wallet balance on the left-hand-side. A pop-up will appear, and you’ll be able to input the amount of TLM you wish to transfer:



Clicking the “Approve” button will bring up a transaction approval request popup:



Once you’ve approved the transaction, click “OK” in the popup, and you’ll be taken to your Teleport dashboard which shows previous transactions (including any still unclaimed), and pending transactions.



Once your transfer transaction has been successfully cleared, you’ll be able to claim your TLM to your MetaMask wallet. There will be a gas fee in BNB for this, so make sure you have some BNB in your wallet ready (you’ll also need it for Missions transactions!):




Confirm the transaction in the popup, and once it is completed the transfer will show up as “CLAIMED” on your Teleport dashboard.


Congratulations! You now have TLM on BSC ready to start leasing spacecraft for Missions!

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