Workaround For Infinite Mining Error

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Currently some Explorers encounter an infinite spinning circle after they have claimed a mine. There are currently two workarounds for this error that Explorers can try.



The first one, if there are no button in the circle screen:

1) check your account on to see if you have received the TLM


3) refresh the website of the game at and login again
4) go to change land and stay in the same land
5) your tool cooldown will now load properly


The second one, if there are the "home" and "settings" buttons in the circle screen:

1) while the circle spins go back to main screen look at avatars, minions or weapons, this usually prompts the claim button
2) after hitting claim button, wait 10-20 sec and refresh the website of the game at
3) Log in and click "Mine" in the mining screen
4) the message "invalid hash" and the cooldown timer will correctly display
5) at this point you can check again on that the TLM was received

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